Ecoist joins the International Degrowth Network for an Ecocentric Future of our Humankind

Our Only home Mother Earth faces unprecedented challenges posed by climate change and environmental degradation caused by the un-natural growth led by Human's greed. We, Ecoist joined the IDN to be a contributor in this joint quest against the cancerous Growth that is killing our Planet.

We are proud to announce our partnership with the International Degrowth Network (IDN), marking a significant step towards a regenerative Ecocentric humans society. At the heart of the IDN’s mission is cooperation between like-minded groups globally. With Ecoist on board, the aim is clear: Degrowth is essential and vital for Global Ecological Restoration movement.

 At the core of the IDN’s agenda lies the mission to create opportunities for cooperation between degrowth-affiliated groups worldwide and Ecoist’s quest for environmental conservation and regeneration aligns with all those knights fighting against cancerous growth swallowing the Life on Earth.  IDN aims to leverage the organization’s expertise and resources to advance the principles of Degrowth and Regenerative living. Ecoist  aim to work with members of IDN towards providing narratives that reflect the diversity of the Degrowth movement and developing cohesive strategies to implement Degrowth policies and practices across all sectors of society.

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