About Us

Ecoist is a Degrowth & Regeneration oriented activism blog and Volunteering organization committedly running an effective BCC (behavioral change campaign) to shift the Mass behavior from Consumerism to Eco-responsibility. Encouraging Regenerative living and building a global community of people who are enthusiastic about restoring the Ecosystem of their regions. Our goal is to help people become eco-responsible people who are committed to contribute in war against Planetary Crisis (Climate change), reversing environmental degradation and protecting biodiversity. Join us in our effort to build a future that is more sustainable for the Planet Earth and its inhabitants.

Basham Zen
Founder Ecoist

Through our behavioral change program, we hope to encourage and equip people to lead environmentally conscious and sustainable lives. Our main goal is to spread regenerative techniques that enhance soil health, safeguard our rivers, and preserve biodiversity and the restore natural processes. We want to give people the knowledge and tools they need to have a positive impact on the world because we believe that everyone has the ability to do so.

The mission of our organization is to promote sustainability in all facets of life, including food and agriculture and energy. To assist people in making the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle, we provide a range of resources, such as educational materials, community activities, and sustainable living guides.

We the Ecoists are aware of the close relationship between the welfare of the mankind and the health of the planet as a whole. We are convinced that by banding together and advocating for sustainable lifestyles, we can build a fairer and just world for everyone.

We started to Act by propagating Blackberry Trees
We started to influence other by using Social Media
We launched Ecoist web portal




Our locale of Action