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The servants of Mother Earth

The concept of Re’Generation is closely connected to the ancient Egyptian god, Re, who was a symbol of life, regeneration, and sustainability. Re represented the importance of the sun in maintaining the balance of nature and the cycles of life and death. Similarly, the Re’Generation movement is all about recognizing the significance of the environment in our lives and working towards preserving it for future generations.



The world is becoming more conscious of environmental issues, a new generation of individuals is emerging. Let us call them The Re’Generation. These are the Eco-conscious individuals who are taking a keen interest in preserving the environment and doing practical efforts to Regenerate the Ecosystems for their own and the future generations coming ahead. The are striving for  sustainable world.

Our Regenerative Heroes

The Knight Ecoists

The knight Ecoists are the Enlightened humans catalyzing the great Eco-Restoration movement and influencing millions with their work and converting their worldview from EGO to Ec0-centric.

Individuals advocating for soil health, sustainable agriculture, and ecosystem preservation.

People who plant trees to create forests or restore degraded ecosystems.

Individuals contributing time and effort to environmental conservation and sustainability projects.

Individuals dedicated to saving and rehabilitating injured or endangered animals.

Entrepreneurs creating eco-friendly, sustainable businesses that promote environmental conservation.

The Core characteristics of Re’Generation is their strong belief in the importance of sustainability. They are well-aware of the adverse effects that human activities have on the environment and are keen on finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint. This could involve anything from switching to renewable energy sources to reducing their consumption of plastic.

Re’Generation individuals are also passionate about educating others on the importance of environmental conservation. They recognize that it is not just enough to make personal changes but that it is also essential to spread awareness and inspire others to do the same. They use social media platforms to share information and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Another key aspect of Re’Generation is their inclination towards Minimalism. They are mindful of the impact that their consumerist lifestyles have on the environment and are keen on reducing their consumption of goods and services. Their movement is not just limited to individual action but also includes collective action. Re’Generation individuals recognize that environmental issues are global issues and require collective efforts to address them.

This generation is giving rise to a new wave of Regenerative Livelihood. Regenerative Livelihood refers to a sustainable way of living and working that nurtures ecological health, social equity, and economic prosperity. It emphasizes the restoration and enhancement of ecosystems, community resilience, and local economies through regenerative practices, such as permaculture, agroforestry, and circular economies, ultimately fostering a balance between human needs and environmental preservation. Profit is not the only goal and that businesses have a responsibility towards society and the environment.

Nominate an Eco-Hero

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