Is a collective Conscious transition

From Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism

Ecoist is a conscious movement led by Great Tao to cultivate and Re-unite a generation of Eco-responsible humans, who have transcended Ego and let the universe guide their way as stewards of our Planet. Ecoist helps humans to take a quantum leap from Anthropocentrism to Eco-centrism, reconnect with their Roots and find their salvation in serving Mother Earth.

Ecoist is a vision, a conscious movement and a call to action for all of us to Act as stewards of our planet. An effort to wake all fellow humans up to reality that we are on the brink of the Sixth Mass extinction called Holocene driven by Anthropocentrism baked in human Ego & Greed. We seek to empower and educate individuals on the importance of eco-responsibility and sustainable living by promoting Regenerative practices and practitioners, and highlight the impact of their actions on the environment. We aim to cultivate a generation of Eco-conscious humans who are mindful of their impact on the planet.


Ecoist is a reminder that we all have a role to play in Rescuing our future for our coming generations and the planet. Mankind needs to work together to cure itself and build an Eco-conscious civilization.


In our Blog, we publish the stories that are of utmost importance to survival of Life on our only cradle of life, Mother Earth. We try to bring our Eco-heroes in limelight to make them role models for coming generations. The center of our activism is Ecological Restoration of Indus River Basin, her Ecosystems and biodiversity.

Our Partners in the Quest

Am I an Ecoist?

YES! If you are

Advocate for policies and practices that prioritize conservation and sustainability over short-term gains.
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Believe that human activities have a significant impact on the environment and that it is their responsibility to protect and preserve it for future generations
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Prioritize environmental concerns and strive to live a sustainable lifestyle.
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Promote the use of renewable energy sources, reduce waste production, and encourage responsible consumption.
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Contribute to create a world that is environmentally sustainable, socially just, and economically viable.
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Our campaigns

We are running four campaigns that center on Ecological Restoration of Indus river basin and its Ecosystems.

Soil Regeneration​

Promoting and setting up domestic vermiculture setups or worm farms to initiate the process of Soil Regeneration and production of rich nutrient food.

Eternal Trees

Plantation of Precious Banyan and Peepal trees in Urban centers. These trees are known as Oxygen bombs due to their ability to produce excessive amount of oxygen.

Re-nesting Indus​

Restoration or Reforestation of Indus River's Floodplains or seasonal lakes as they are home to migratory birds coming from Siberia.


Prompting the vitality of permaculture to farmers and introducing it along the hill torrents from koh solaiman region to reduce the devastations of flooding.

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