Soil Regeneration

Our planet is in crisis. The fertile soil, the very foundation of life and sustenance, is under grave threat due to tilling based industrial agriculture and unchecked accesssive use of chemicals. This catastrophe is particularly dire in Pakistan, where an alarming 70% of the soil is severely degraded due to excessive chemical fertilizers use. The relentless assault on this life-giving resource is reaching a tipping point, threatening food security, livelihoods, and the very fabric of our ecosystems.

Ecoist’s “Soil Regeneration” campaign is a clarion call, a powerful rally to counter this imminent disaster. The mission is clear: to regenerate and restore the health of our soils. And the chosen path is that of vermiculture and vermicomposting, a time-tested, organic approach that has immense potential for restoring soil health at both domestic and industrial levels.

The crippling cost of these chemical fertilizers is a double-edged sword, further exacerbating the problem. Skyrocketing prices are not only straining the already burdened farmers but also pushing them to use more harmful substitutes, accelerating the vicious cycle of soil degradation.

Our campaign is not just about soil, it’s about life itself. Because the soil is not merely dirt beneath our feet; it is the bedrock of biodiversity and the cornerstone of our existence. The time to act is now. If we do not heed this call, the consequences will be unthinkable.

Join us by enrolling in course, support us by spreading it, as we embark on this vital journey of soil regeneration, to heal our earth, to ensure a sustainable future for our children, and to safeguard the legacy of our planet. Stand with Ecoist, because when it comes to soil degradation, there are no bystanders, only stakeholders.

What is Vermicomposting?

We have designed this simple presentation to cover all the fundamental knowledge about vermicomposting and why its vital for planet and all its inhabitants. We tried to make it a conceptualizing learning journey.

Vermicompositing by Basham Zen

A Must watch documentary

With only sixty years of farmable soil left on Earth, and the increased threats of climate change, the need to rethink how we use earth’s natural resources has never been more important. The Need to Grow takes an intimate look into the hearts of activists and innovators in the food movement who are redesigning our future.

Our Mission

promoting Domestic vermicomposting

We envision to enable every farmer to produced his own vermicompost to regenerate his soil to get better yield and every urban household to to recycle their kitchen waste into Black Gold.

Currently, we have two worm farms in Dera ghazi khan Region and we have setup a worm breeding farm in Rohi/cholistan region of Great Thar desert of Pakistan. 

our Worm farm in Videos

our Worm farm in images

Do you know our scarab communities?

The Rohi Scarab

The sole income of Inhabitants of entire Thar desert is livestock and most of the valuable raw material for vermicomposting, the cow manure goes waste ending up in landfills in sand. 

We aim to make Rohi the vermicomposting capital of Pakistan.

Want to be a Worm Farmer?

Enroll in our Free vermicomposting course

This course is designed for the biggers with no previous knowledge about Vermicomposting and vermiculture. Its free of cost. If you want to contribute in Nature being a Wormfamer, this course is for You!

Regenerative Activity

Vermicomposting is one of the most tier Regenerative activity that humans can do in order to Regenerate Ecosystem

Food Sufficiency

Use of Vermicompost instead of chemical fertilizers empowers soil again and within a few years Soil give us a better yield


Use of Vermicompost instead of chemical fertilizers gives us a nutrient rich yield, whereas industrial farming is causing malnutrition and dieases.

Learn Vermicomposting

Ecoist offers a comprehensive tutorial based course for the people who are willing to start a domestic or Industrial Worm Farm for vermicomposting or vermiculture. If you are a worm farming aspirant, do join it before starting. Its totally free of cost.

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