Regenerative Crater

A zen's vision of Eco-regeneration

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Deforestation ~ Flooding

This amazing visualization by Toby Morris portrays the shortest story that explains flooding in Indus plains and its all the result of Environmental degradation caused by worst deforestation in Koh Solaiman Mountains in the west of Indus plains.

And we have the Godly power of imaginations that can turn into reality . . .

A Re'crater

We dream to transform the lands along water channels like creeks and streams of hill torrents, canals and river banks of Indus valley into Nurseries of Ecological restoration, Biodiversity havens and source of abundance with our dream Project/structures inspired by an Indigenous practice called Tarai, we power it with permaculture and call it a Re’Crater.

Imagine yourself flying above an arid landscape, and as you gaze through your window, a breathtaking sight unfolds below: a serene blue lake enveloped by lush forests and thriving orchards. It’s akin to a ‘Blue Volcano’ that erupted with life rather than molten lava. That will be our Regenerative Crater. A Re’crater is a plot of land with a substantial central lake, designed based on the principles of Permaculture. This land serves multiple purposes, providing sanctuary to migratory birds from Siberia, serving as aquatic life haven and a vital water source for irrigating the Permaculture estate all arround.

The forest at the rear of the property provides a habitat for native wildlife, serves as a sustainable timber resource, and accommodates our vermiculture efforts. Meanwhile, the Permaculture zone yields an abundance of nutrient-rich organic food. Our vision is to transform this dream into a tangible Regenerative Reality and offer it as a model for all those engaged in agriculture.

A Blueprint for Ecological Restoration & Regenerative permaculture

 The Soul of Regenerative Crater Project is to re-organized and revive a dying indigenous practice of water harvesting in koh solaiman alpine range called Tarai on Regenerative principals of Permaculture. Then present that Revitalized landscape as a model of Ecological restoration, in a way to make it beneficial for All, all of biodiversity including humans and primarily for Mother Earth. We aim to showcase a harmonious blend of Indigenous wisdom with Permaculture principles, Ecological stewardship, and a commitment to nurturing the environment.

Let’s try to understand this innovative endeavor and its ecological significance.

THe Organs of Re'Crater

The Lake

At the core of ReCrater lies the Lake, a sprawling lake that serves as a multifunctional hub. Nestled within its embrace, it serves as;

Ξ Replenishes the Aquifers.

Ξ Source for drinking water local cattle and livestock 

Ξ A Sanctuary for Migratory Birds: Each year, our Re’crater will welcome avian visitors from the distant Siberian lands, offering them a safe haven during their migration.

Ξ Aquatic life haven: Beneath the fresh waters, a thriving Aquatic biodiversity haven thrives and provides food for migratory birds source of aquatic nourishment.

Ξ Water Source: The crystal-clear lake waters also play a pivotal role as a source for irrigating our Permaculture estate, ensuring the vibrancy of our organic crops.

The Forest

Adjacent to the lake, our Enchanted Forest is more than just a collection of trees. It’s a carefully managed habitat, timber resource, and the heart of our vermiculture practices. Here, native wildlife flourishes, and sustainable timber harvesting maintains the ecological balance.

Permaculture Estate

Our Permaculture area is where the magic happens. We employ Permaculture principles to cultivate an abundance of nutrient-rich, organic food. By integrating various plant species, regenerative agriculture, and sustainable farming practices, we showcase the epitome of land harmony.

The most valuable produces of koh Solaiman produces are;

Ecological Benefits of the Re'Crater

Water Resource Management

The Re'crater's lake serves as a critical water source for irrigation, reducing the demand on external water supplies and promoting responsible water management.

Flood Mitigation

The thick bands of forests along the banks of hill torrents and river are the integral part of the Re'crator. That will slow down the water flow and mitigate Soil erosion hense Flooding.

Regenerative Agroecology

Through Permaculture, we nurture an ecosystem where organic crops thrive without the need for harmful pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The result is nutrient-rich, chemical-free food.

Biodiversity Conservation

The Re'crater provides a haven for migratory birds, ensuring their safe passage and sustenance. The Enchanted Forest is a vital habitat for native wildlife, contributing to the preservation of local biodiversity.

Carbon sequestering

Out of its dense and abundant tree plantation, Re'crater will act as a huge Air purifier and carbon-capture & sequestering unit.

Timber Sustainability

Our responsible timber harvesting practices in the Enchanted Forest demonstrate that timber production can coexist with ecosystem conservation.

Economic benefits

Offer economic benefits to local communities by supporting diversified crop and fruit production and creating eco-tourism opportunities. This fosters sustainable livelihoods and community resilience

Reconnecting with Roots

A vision for all

Reconnecting with Roots is core of our vision of Eco-Restoration. We are up to to turn this dream into a Regenerative Reality, also to present it as a specimen for all those involved in Ecological, landscape and wetland restoration, biodiversity rehabilitation, afforestation and agriculture.

We invite all to witness a dynamic fusion of Ecological preservation, Regenerative agriculture and harmonious land management at the our Regenerative Crater.

The heart of this endeavor is see a model of environmental respect, where humans coexist with nature in perfect equilibrium. 

The Regenerative Crater Project exemplifies a compelling narrative for the future of regenerative agriculture, It’s a testament to what’s possible when we prioritize Ecological integrity and nurture our land.

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