Snake Man

He is Abdul Rehman from Cholistan Region of Great Thar desert. His relationship with snakes began in 2013 when he started rescuing them from danger. Over time, he developed a deep understanding of these creatures and felt like he could communicate with them in their own language. His passion for snakes led him to rescue thousands of them from harm.


The mission of my life is to protect the biodiversity of Thar desert from their fellow humans and educate the folks about the importance of Snakes and reptiles in our ecosystem and how we'll vanish if they are all vanished.


My dream is to establish a research and education center to educate the common man about importance of Reptiles and how to handle them when they enter in human habitats.


As a wildlife rescuer, I've been emphasizing on the important role snakes play in our ecosystem. They may be feared by many, but they are vital to maintaining a healthy balance in nature and protecting us from the spread of disease by controlling rodent populations.​

Story of his Life

Abdul Rehman was just a tea boy from the Cholistan region of Pakistan. He works 8 to 10 hours a day at his tea stall, trying to make ends meet. But he had a passion that burned brighter than the desert sun. He was deeply concerned about the fate of the indigenous snakes of the Thar desert. The Thar desert is a harsh and unforgiving place, where only the toughest creatures can survive. The snakes that live there are a vital part of the ecosystem, but they are often threatened by human activity. Abdul knew that something had to be done to protect these creatures. Abdul used the income from his tea stall to fund his passion for rescuing snakes. He would spend long hours searching the desert for snakes in danger, bringing them back to safety. His dedication and hard work paid off, and he rescued thousands of snakes over the years. But Abdul’s dream didn’t stop there. He dreamed of establishing a research center for indigenous species of snakes. He knew that by studying these creatures, we could better understand them and protect them from extinction. Abdul’s passion for snakes was contagious, and he inspired others to care for these creatures as wel

Abdul faced many challenges along the way. He had to deal with hostile locals who saw the snakes as a threat, as well as the scorching heat and dangerous terrain of the Thar desert. But he never lost sight of his goal. His passion drove him forward, even when others doubted him. Abdul’s story is an inspiration to us all. It shows us that even the humblest of beginnings can lead to great things. His dedication to protecting the indigenous snakes of the Thar desert is a reminder that we all have a role to play in preserving our planet’s natural heritage. Let us all take a page from Abdul’s book and work to make the world a better place for all its creatures. Despite his best efforts, Abdul couldn’t save every snake he came across.

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