Yatra – When the Great Tao takes on

24 hours in the mystic's creek

Winter 2012, a 24-year-old Young Lost Man embarked on a transformative journey, the Yatra guided by the whispers of the Great Tao.

The whisper

“The True Path is not that need your struggle to walk on and destination is not a place on the map… Path and destination are nothing but a communion with nature within the Present Moment, you need to drop the Past and Future.” Universe

a retreat after 8 centuries

Chasing those whispers the Yatri sets on an exploration of the mystical creeks and hill torrents that cradle the secrets of Koh Solaiman.  As the yatri sought guidance from the universe on the path to retreat, a subtle signal emerged, pointing toward the footprints of a Sufi mystic, Hazrat Sakhi Sarwar. who nearly eight centuries ago, left the comforts of Multan, and found his retreat refuge in a mysterious creek of Koh Solaiman. There in that utmost wilderness he spent 12-year in Banwas (Sanskrit word for Stay in wilderness) or Retreat. The universe, in its silent language, conveyed the yatri to follow these sacred imprints, weaving a timeless connection between Seeker and Sage, echoing across the undisturbed landscapes of Sakhi Sarwar’s spiritual sojourn…

The cave

As the traveler enters the heart of Sakhi Sarwar Hill Torrent, the pulse of the earth echoed in the silent corners of a cave, who game him a humble refuge in the rugged beauty. The night, adorned with stars, cradled the tired soul, like it was the promise of dawn that stirred the soul.

The companians of the night

There a mystical encounter unfolded. As the light from the twin oil lamps bathed the cave, a curious congregation of dogs approached, as if drawn by an unseen force. Their inquisitive eyes spoke a language beyond words, a silent communion between the Yatri and guardian. In their gaze, the yatri felt a connection, a shared acknowledgment of the sacred bond between all beings. In that moment, beneath the starry sky above the hills, a spiritual kinship blossomed, echoing the interconnected tapestry of life.

To be continued...

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